www.cowrablues.com.auText Box: 2011 Season
29 May v Bathurst Teal at Cowra
Cowra	1-0   3-0   4-1   7-2-44
Bathurst Teal	0-2   1-2   3-5   6-5-41
Goal Kickers: J. McCormack 2, N. Collett 2, T. Reid , S. Hampton , D. Thompson 
Best Players: J. McCormack, P. Ryan, B. Graham, N. Collett, K. Hill, E. Hoy 

15 May v Parkes at Bathurst
Cowra	3-1	4-6	8-10	8-10-58
Parkes	0-1   	0-1	0-1	1-1-7
Goal Kickers: J. McCormack 2, M. Williams 2, D. Thompson , E. Hoy , T. Reid , P. Ryan 
Best Players: J. McCormack, B. Reid, F. Ryan, D. Thompson, E. Hoy 
15 May v Orange at Bathurst
Cowra	2-5	4-9	4-11	7-14-56
Orange	0-1	0-1	0-1	1-1-7
Goal Kickers: J. McCormack 2, B. Graham 2, M. Williams , P. Ryan , K. Hill 
Best Players: J. McCormack, J. Dedoncker, B. Adrichem, P. Ryan 

8 May v Young at Young
Cowra	3-5	3-5	5-7	9-8-62
Young	2-0	5-4	9-7	10-10-70
Goal Kickers: J. McCormack 3, J. Dedoncker 2, B. Adrichem 2, E. Sargent , B. Reid 
Best Players: B. Adrichem, J. Dedoncker, K. Hill, E. Hoy, K. Hunt, J. McCormack 

1 May v Bathurst Blue at Cowra
Cowra	0-3	1-3	3-3	6-6-42
Bathurst	3-3	6-3	7-4	7-7-49
Goal Kickers: J. McCormack 3, N. Collett 2, B. Reid 
Best Players: J. McCormack, B. Reid, M. Williams, P. Ryan, S. Hampton, J. Cutrmore 

First training session...Sunday 3 April
at Riverpark 12 noon
Second training session...Sunday 10 April
First Game...carnival in Cowra Sunday 1 May

Brendan Pitt - skilful small forward
Mark Williams - classy mid-fielder, great chaser and tackler
Ben Bridges - versatile and skilful utility
Keagan Hunt - first-time player, looks promising
Ben Adrichem - developing player new to the game, possible defender
Baylie Trudgett - past Auskicker, good skills
James Dedoncker - handy left-foot kick, possible ruckman
Finn Ryan - younger player with plenty of heart
Patrick Ryan - pacy flanker or wing
James McCormack - experienced player, recent PSSA Western rep team selection 
Brahe Reid - speedy, always keen to get ball
Nathan Collett - talented utility with great game sense
Eden Hoy - young courageous on-baller
Kye Hill - solid key position player, Tigers supporter
Emma Sargent - handy forward
Ben Kavanagh - stylish mid-fielder
Dylan Thompson - promising on-baller or forward
Jamal Cutmore - pacy wing
Andrew Cutmore - handy running player
Brodie Graham - small forward with great goal sense, great tackler
Oliver Carter - solid mid-fielder
Tristian Reid - small but gutsy forward
Sam Hampton - versatile in most positions 
Dean Kacarovski - solid defensive player
Wolfgang Velvelt - great defensive player, reads play very well 
Oliver Carter - skilful centre half forward
James Doolan - promising player with good ball sense
Shilo Schick - developing player new to the game
Jack Cook - pacy flanker or wing
Text Box: Text Box: The 2012 season will get underway soon - see the Cowra Guardian for more details.
Registration day at Mulyan Oval Sunday 25 March at 11:00am

2012 Coordinator: 
Geoff Day

For more info, contact club at:  admin@cowrablues.com.au

Under 12s 03042011: James M, Paddy, Emma, Brahe, James D, Nathan, Baylie, Keagan, Ben A, Finn, Eden, Ben, Kye, Mark, Brendan, Ben B

Under 12s 01052011:  Back Row:  Sam Hampton, James Dedoncker, James McCormack, Ben Adrichem, Nathan Collett, Keagan Hunt, Emma Sargent, Brahe Reid

Front Row: Patrick Ryan, Baylie Trudgett, Dillan Thompson, Ben Bridges, Mark Williams, Brendan Pitt, Andrew   Cutmore, Tristian Reid, Eden Hoy, Kye Hill, Jamal Cutmore