2007 Under 14’s Presentation


In Under 14s, Tyrone Reid held a sizable lead after the first 5 rounds with 28 votes, leading Tarcia Kennedy on 15 votes and Mitchell McCormack on 13.

However, some consistent form at the back end of the season saw McCormack back into contention before the last round, the top three separated by just one vote.

He secured 8 votes in the last game to finish on 36 and win his first Best and Fairest award.

Kennedy finished runner-up on 29 votes, with Reid third on 28.

Brad McLeish was right in the mix on 24 votes in a fantastic first season.

Best & Fairest - Mitchell McCormack

Runner-Up - Tarcia Kennedy

Most Consistent - Brad McLeish

Most Improved - Brad Reid

Most Potential - Angus McCormack

Coach’s Award - Tyrone Reid


2006 First Grade Presentation

Matt Smith is the Blues Best & Fairest for 2006 leading the count from start to finish, ahead of Dave Manning and CWAFL Best & Fairest Frank Bright .  Dave only just pipped Frank, scoring 6 votes to Frank’s 2 in the last game.

Best & Fairest - Matthew Smith

Runner-Up - David Manning

Most Consistent - Frank Bright

Most Improved - Scott Parr

Best Back - Allan McVey

Coach’s Award - Marc Hyland

Most Potential - Zac Milne

Leading Goalkicker - Matthew Smith



2006 Reserve Grade Presentation


Reserves coach Brendan Reid took out the Best & Fairest in Reserve Grade for 2006 to add to his 2002 title in another one-sided vote count.  Nathan Worth was runner-up to mirror the finish in the CWAFL vote count.

Best & Fairest - Brendan Reid

Runner-Up - Nathan Worth

Most Consistent - Nathan Reid 

Most Improved - Paul Birch

Coach’s Award - Al Lovett

Leading Goalkicker - Nathan Worth



2006 Under 17’s Presentation

Zac Milne again dominated the Under 17’s count scoring maximum votes in most games to defend the titles he won in 2004 and 2005.  Chris Day was runner-up for the second year in a row having played just a handful of games, with Marcus Sandry and Matt Reed also polling well.

Best & Fairest - Zac Milne

Runner-Up - Chris Day

Most Consistent - Kyron Blinman

Most Improved - Des Doolan

Coach’s Award - Marcus Sandry 



2006 Under 14’s Presentation


Captain Wayne Collett won the Under 14’s count having finished a narrow second in the League medal.  Josh Kennedy was runner-up, just beating Kevin Book.

Best & Fairest - Wayne Collett

Runner-Up - Josh Kennedy

Most Consistent - Cameron Harvey

Most Improved - Nick Higgins

Coach’s Award - Kevin Book & Mitchell McCormack


First Grade Presentation

Aaron Thorn is the Blues Best & Fairest for 2005 picking up 5 votes in the final game to narrowly eclipse Frank Bright and CWAFL Best & Fairest Dave Manning.  It came down to the final envelope in a tight count.  Dave’s elbow injury late in the season may have cost him the award as he led well prior to the injury, but Thorny was a deserved winner with a very consistent season.

Best & Fairest - Aaron Thorn

Runner-Up - Frank Bright

Most Consistent - Dave Manning

Most Improved - Geoff Ryan

Best Back - Andrew Falconer

Coach’s Award - Jason Durden

Most Potential - Zac Milne

Leading Goalkicker - Corey Kennedy



Reserve Grade Presentation


Peter Bryson took out the Best & Fairest in Reserve Grade for 2005 in another extremely close vote count.  Nathan Thorn scored plenty of votes early and led Pete by 4 votes and Rod Doolan by 7 votes before the last game, but great final games by Pete and Rod saw a big turnaround.  

Best & Fairest - Peter Bryson

Runner-Up - Nathan Thorn & Rod Doolan

Most Consistent - Rod Doolan 

Most Improved - Marcus Sandry

Coach’s Award - Peter Bryson

Leading Goalkicker - Nathan Thorn



Under 17’s Presentation

Zac Milne dominated the Under 17’s count scoring maximum votes in the final 3 rounds to defend the title he won in 2004.  Chris Day was runner-up with Marcus Sandry, Pat Egan and Matt Boyce also polling well.

Best & Fairest - Zac Milne

Runner-Up - Chris Day

Most Consistent - Marcus Sandry

Most Improved - Chris Slattery

Coach’s Award - Patrick Egan 



Under 14’s Presentation


Another close count with Rob Treloar securing the title in the final game.  After a difficult season, the Under 14’s should be a stronger unit next year, retaining most of the team.

Best & Fairest - Robert Treloar

Runner-Up - Billy-Joe Mewburn

Most Consistent - Michelle Gregory

Coach’s Award - Simon Treloar




Text Box: 59	Wayne Collett
41	Josh Kennedy
40	Kevin Book
25	Cameron Harvey
18	Nick Higgins
16	Kyron Blinman
11	Reece Starbuck
First Grade
39 Aaron Thorn
37 Frank Bright
34 David Manning
22 Matt Smith
17 Kim Reid
16 Zac Milne
14 Corey Kennedy
13 Mick McLeish
12 Andrew Falconer
11 Luke Hooper
Reserve Grade
29 Peter Bryson
26 Nathan Thorn
26 Rod Doolan
24 Blair Holgate
22 Mick Holgate
12 David Thompson
11 Kenny Webb
9 Nathan Worth
9 David Bryant
Under 17’s
77 Zac Milne
38 Chris Day
28 Marcus Sandry
24 Pat Egan
24 Matt Boyce
14 Chris Apthorpe
10 Luke Hooper
Under 14’s
51 Robert Treloar
41 Billy-Joe Mewburn
35 Michelle Gregory
30 Simon Treloar
12 Nick Higgins
12 Lance Amos
10 Michael Gregory
10 Chris Slattery